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Whether you are a drilling contractor, operator, or consultant, ADS Services is dedicated and equipped to deliver cost-effective, customizable pressure control solutions to each well plan. Call us for services in Midland, TX; Odessa, TX; Houston TX; Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

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Fit for Service Pressure Control Packages.

Managed Pressure Drilling

Improves the drillability of a well with efficiency and effectiveness to improve the bottom line for our customers.

Rotating Control Devices

Enable safe control and diversion of fluids by generating a pressure-tight seal to mitigate drilling hazards.

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Multi-Positional Control Valves with Full Feedback

Regulate the downstream pressure in the flowlines and control the flow of well fluids being produced.

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Come check out other rental equipment for these core pressure monitoring and controlled devices.

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Quality, Health, Safety, Environment.

Our elevated standards apply to all aspects of our actions, from visiting rig sites or working in our shop, and apply to our employees, or contractors, and any other projects where we have operational accountability.

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Dedicated to Our Community.

ADS Services believes that giving back is among the most important and valuable experiences any individual or a corporation can do, as you’ve made a change in someone’s life.

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"ADS is managed by a highly skilled team of Midland-based professionals with decades of experience delivering premium and innovative pressure control solutions to the Permian Basin E&P community. The Company is uniquely positioned to provide the service, operational excellence and technical solutions that E&P operators in the Permian Basin need to reduce downtime and improve well productivity."

— Tom Ambrose, Partner, Black Bay Energy Capital